The nominations for the “red dot: junior prize 2010”

•    “Jack Wolfskin – Outdoor clothing”, image campaign by Christoph Bönning, Bad Vilbel (Germany)

•    “dbc – death by chocolate”, packaging design by Denise Franke, Bottrop (Germany)

•    “Pablo Neruda //”, artist book by Ilko Hoffmann, Nordheim (Germany)

•    “RAW”, book by Thorsten Kleine Holthaus, Dortmund (Germany)

•    “caliber”, book object by Anne Julia Nowitzki, Frankfurt (Germany)

•    “Akte73”, new interpretation of ‘Der Struwwelpeter’ (Shock-headed Peter) by Johannes Loer, Selm-Bork (Germany)

•    “Musical Grammar (in the series of Bach, Schillinger, Mozart)”, book by
A Young Kim, London (UK)

•    “IGFM – Typewriter”, commercial by Andreas Roth, Ludwigsburg (Germany)

•    “EROS”, 3D animation by Pei-Wen Lee, Yilan City (Taiwan)