Kumo Chiu, Design Director Skyworth Design

Kumo Chiu, Design Director Skyworth Design

red dot: To what extent are the exhibits presented by Skyworth in Shunde examples of globally successful design?
The presented Skyworth design evolution is about how to build the right design organisation, develop a good design strategy, and the international design process.

red dot: What are the strategies with which a company can secure long-term international success?

Firstly, a good design organisation with a clear design philosophy and strategy is required. Secondly, the senior management and the CEO need to support the design organisation and be willing to invest in design innovation

red dot: To what extent does a globally operating company such as Skyworth incorporate national and regional aspects?
Skyworth is a strong Chinese brand rather than an international brand. We encourage Skyworth designers to create a clear product identity with an international style. Furthermore, we use different designers with different nationalities to execute the design for regional markets.

red dot: What expectations do you have with regards to future developments in the Chinese market?

I believe that more Chinese companies will become international brands and as such will provide the best design platform for Chinese designers.

red dot: Where do you see the biggest differences between the Chinese and the Western market?

The biggest difference between the Chinese and the Western market is the maturity of the customers’ awareness of high quality product design.