View of the Old Synagogue ...
... and the new form of the product show.
Elegant cutlery - as yet still behind glass ...
... comfortable chairs - now available to everyone.
From 1970 onwards, the visitors could try out not only typewriters, but also coffee grinders, photocopiers and shavers.
"Trend Textil", 1976 - In special exhibitions and stylish presentations, the manufacturers demonstrate how their products can be used.

1961 - 1979: A new home - the Old Synagogue

As the permanent product exhibition at Villa Hügel was to give way to a presentation on the history of the Krupp company, "Haus Industrieform" acquired a new domicile in 1961 - the Old Synagogue in Essen. Up to the date of the move, a total of 700,000 visitors had seen the permanent product exhibition at Villa Hügel. The new location at the Old Synagogue, which had been destroyed by the Nazis and ceded to the City of Essen by the Jewish community, was restored with public funds and took on a new function as a cultural centre.