A spectacular evening celebrating design excellence - the awards presentation of the “red dot award: communication design 2010”

The best in international communication design came together in the red dot design museum in Essen on 8 December 2010 in order to honour the award-winners of this year’s “red dot award: communication design”. Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator of the red dot design award and host of the evening, welcomed some 900 creative professionals and representatives from the media, business and culture to the awards presentation and the ensuing vernissage and red dot after show party. The winners, who had travelled from around the world to the Ruhr area, received their awards from international design experts such as Professor Oliver Kartak, Fabrice Peltier, Professor Kurt Weidemann, Niels Schrader, and Jianping He in the impressive ambience of the former boiler house of the Zeche Zollverein colliery. A special highlight was the appearance of a true creativity guru who has been providing the best entertainment for 50 years: Legendary TV host Frank Elstner honoured the “red dot: agency of the year”, BBDO Germany, with a laudatory speech and received great applause from the enthusiastic audience.

red dot: grand prix – 6 out of 6,369 entries
It was only at the red dot gala that Professor Dr. Peter Zec announced the winners of the “red dot: grand prix”. Only six out of the total of 6,369 entries received the highest honorary award from the jurors. The best works of each category were the advertising campaign “A Part of Italy. (Strada, Ponte, Piazza)” by the design studio Philipp & Keuntje in the “Advertising” category, “Reusable Eco Package” by LG Electronics Inc. in the category “Packaging Design”, “City Mag” by INgrid – StudioForEditorialDesign in the “Magazines & Daily Press” category, the poster “Romeo & Juliet” by the Beetroot Design Group, the video game character “Nanosuit 2” by Crytek GmbH in the “Digital Games” category, and the advertising film “Talking Rooms” by BBDO in the category “TV & Cinema”.

red dot: agency of the year 2010
BBDO Germany received the title “red dot: agency of the year 2010”. After the laudatory speech by Frank Elstner the leading German marketing agency, which received 34 awards from the jury of the “red dot award: communication design” in the last five years alone, received the prestigious “Stylus” challenge cup on stage for continuously above-average design achievements.

red dot: client of the year 2010

This year, for the first time in the competition’s history the honorary title “red dot: client of the year” has been awarded. The title goes to a client who with his investment in creative and innovative communication work shapes markets. The prize went to automobile manufacturer Audi, which shone with 16 awards in this year’s “red dot award: communication design” alone.

red dot: junior prize for “Typewriter”
For the nominees for the “red dot: junior prize” for fledgling designers, which comes with 10,000 euros prize-money, the competition remained full of suspense until the very last second, because the winner was not announced until the red dot gala. The promotional film “Typewriter” by Andreas Roth (Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, commissioned by the International Society for Human Rights) deals with the freedom of expression and impressed the jury with its forceful as well as depressing dramatic composition.

Vernissage of the two special exhibitions
Not one but two special exhibitions were opened on the night of 8 December at the red dot design museum. The winners’ exhibition “design on stage – winners red dot award: communication design 2010” presents all award-winning entries of the competition. This year, a red dot cinema was once again created as part of the special exhibition in order to present the award-winning works from the multimedia categories.
In the second special exhibition entitled “COMMUNICATION – TODAY’S RESOURCE”, the current “red dot: agency of the year”, BBDO Germany, presents an oversized QR code made out of coal, which serves as a bridge between the industrial and the communication age. At the same time it forms an interface of the analogue and the digital world, because if the code is scanned with a mobile phone, a virtual exhibition with different works by BBDO Germany presents itself.
Both exhibitions will be on show until 9 January 2011 at the red dot design museum.

red dot after show party
After the festive awards presentation the red dot after show party, which was held parallel to the vernissage, offered the appropriate setting to celebrate all award-winners and creative professionals of the design industry in a suitable atmosphere. DJ Fishi provided the beats for the exuberant party, where guests were dancing into the small hours in a great atmosphere, marking the successful conclusion of the event.

The publication documenting the competition
The “international yearbook communication design” has become an international standard work on communication design and the “2010/2011” edition was again published in time for the awards presentation this year. On almost 1,000 pages and the enclosed DVD, the two volumes “hot” and “cool” present the best design achievements from all around the world. The yearbook is available in our red dot design store!


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