red dot: junior prize for "Typewriter"

For the nominees for the “red dot: junior prize” for fledgling designers, which comes with 10,000 euros prize-money, the competition remained full of suspense until the very last second, because the winner was not announced until the red dot gala. The promotional film “Typewriter” by Andreas Roth (Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, commissioned by the International Society for Human Rights) deals with the freedom of expression and impressed the jury with its forceful as well as depressing dramatic composition.

“Typewriter”, the social advert that Andreas Roth created for the International Society for Human Rights, deals with the issue of freedom of speech and demonstrates in a very hard-hitting way just how risky each individual letter that a journalist writes can be. A man of Arabian descent sits at a simple wooden table with a typewriter in a deserted factory building, reflects for a moment, inserts a sheet of paper and begins to type. As he types the very first letter, a shot is fired. The typical typewriter sound is drowned out by volleys of shots that get louder and louder, until the man is also hit. He continues to type feverishly, however, until the fatal shot is fired. He locks eyes with the onlooker, closes his eyes, the screen turns black and the following sentence appears in white letters: “Freedom of speech still means death for many journalists.”

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