red dot award: design concept 2011

Open to your ideas now!

While the red dot award: product design has entered its final registration phase, the red dot award: design concept is now open for 2011. The red dot design award calls upon designers, companies, design institutions and design studios to submit their latest and best ideas for products. For the first time, the red dot award: design concept will be accepting submissions in different languages.

Today, design teams and designers have the option of submitting their design concepts during early bird and standard submission periods in time for online judging. Participants who join the competition during these periods may submit their design concepts in English, German, Korean, Mandarin, or Spanish. Experts who are also native speakers of the 5 languages will sit on the online jury panel and evaluate these works.

Not only will participants be able to submit design concepts in multiple languages, the red dot award: design concept website will also be multi-lingual. Information for participation will be provided in the 5 submission languages.

While the new year brings in major changes, what remains true is that the red dot award: design concept will continue to be the defining platform that separates good ideas with good design solutions from the mediocre; providing professional evaluation and an internationally recognised seal that gives an advantage to the design and designer in the competitive market.

»Submit your design concepts now!

There is only one month more before early submission discounts end on 28 Feb 2011.

Information for red dot award: design concept 2011:
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