The motive "folded sun"
The lithograph of "folded sun"


“folded sun”: Signed Poster Edition for Japan

Communication design may release new aesthetic impulses, give food for thought – and sometimes it may help to relieve stress. red dot takes up this basic idea by selling the Japan poster “folded sun”, which has been designed by Remo Caminada, a Swiss communication designer and red dot juror, in order to help disaster victims with the proceeds. His action shows that design can be helpful: not only with well-designed products that facilitate living when people are in a crisis situation but also with objects that motivate people to spend money for a good cause.

 “When designing the poster, I had the idea to create a super sign, which, in connection with the disaster of 11 March 2011 in Japan, is supposed to encourage people to give thought to the natural power of the earth and its implications”, says Caminada.

The Poster
The vermilion sun disc of the Japanese flag with a bent side. At first glance very simple and very beautiful. At second glance depressing because the symbol of Japan, the perfect circle, is damaged. In a darker red the part that is folded away seems to cast a shadow on the disc. This design, as simple as it is impressive, represents the tsunami wave that rolled across large parts of the Japanese coast and its consequences: the destruction, the many victims, but above all it stands for the still impending nuclear disaster. However, the design also symbolises hope: The missing part of the circle was indeed folded away but is still present. The original state might be restored even though a scar will remain.

Handicraft: The designer himself produced the poster by means of classic book printing technologies. Here the original circle with the folded surface serves as artwork. The two different printing heights thus produce the different red print areas. The message: Everybody will have to lend a hand if something has to get moving.

Limited: The “folded sun” charity poster was produced in a numbered and signed first edition of 200 copies and costs 55 €. The subject is also available as premium card with a print run of 1,000 units for 25 € each. Both series are numbered and bear the name of the artist.

The sales proceeds will go to the Swiss organisation "Glueckskette" (lucky chain). With their help, the money will benefit Japanese local relief organisations. For more information please look at

You will find information on the designer Remo Caminada here, and on his work at

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