red dot award: communication design 2011 - the participation period has begun!
Start of the exhibition Ausstellung «Design Value – Design Values. red dot presents: Award-winning communication design 2010/2011» on 5 April 2011

Start of call for entries for the red dot award: communication design 2011

As of today, designers, marketing agencies and clients of the communications industry are invited to score points with their published creative works before an international committee: Registration for the red dot award: communication design 2011 will be possible by 17 June 2011 at Those who will participate early will receive an early-bird rate on the registration fee by 30 April 2011.

The start of the call for entries will be accompanied by an appropriate event: In Basel today, the exhibition „Designwert – Designwerte. red dot praesentiert: Praemiertes Kommunikationsdesign 2010/2011“ (“Design Value – Design Values. red dot presents: Award-winning communication design 2010/2011”) will be opened. From 5 to 27 April red dot will present the works that have won an award in last year's red dot award: communication design. Whether posters, annual reports, video games, websites or commercials - in the probably most dynamic economic region of Switzerland, the performances of the communications industry that are most worthy of an award will be on display.

"The presentation of last year's winners in Basel shows the lasting impact of our award by way of example", explains Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and president of the established competition. "The visitors know that the red dot design award compiles and awards the most creative and best works. Currently, nowhere else is there such an attractive platform for anyone interested in communication design."

On grounds of the rapid development of the communications industry and its versatility, it is reasonable to make changes also in this year's competition. Among others, the submission categories "Event Design", "Online Communication" and "Interface Design" will be supplemented with additional subcategories. For the first time, for example, the successful menu navigation of digital cameras and navigation systems, particularly sophisticated online communities or outstanding outdoor posters and corporate events will be evaluated separately by the respective experts in these areas.

"I encourage all creative minds, whether design freelancers or digital artists, from mid-sized PR and advertising agencies to companies with strong marketing efforts, meet the challenge", said Professor Dr. Zec. "Anyone who is talented and confident of one’s own communicative performance, should also communicate him- or herself and face our critical jury." As always, renowned communications experts from around the world will be acting as jurors.

The award ceremony and opening of the special exhibition "Design on stage - winners red dot award: communication design 2011" will pass off on 7 October 2011. From then on the winners will be displayed in a special exhibition, which will generate additional media attention. Already now, the best communication designers of the year can look forward to the many other presentations, such as the red dot online exhibition in 2011, the red dot on tour events and a publication in the international yearbook communication design 2011/2012.

red dot: client of the year
In 2011, for the second time, the honorary title "red dot: client of the year" will be awarded. This award honours a courageous and decisive client, who has already been very successful in competitions and who has attracted attention with exceptionally innovative submissions. red dot awards the honorary title to a client who defines markets by investing in creative and innovative communications relations.

red dot und red dot: best of the best
The quality seal "red dot", values works, which are certified by the expert jury to have a very high level of design. The best works of a category will receive the "red dot: best of the best" for highest design quality.

red dot: grand prix
In each category, the jury can award a “red dot: grand prix” respectively for only one especially outstanding work among those works that have been awarded a red dot best of the best thus distinguishing it explicitly. The winners of the red dot: grand prix will be announced not until during the award ceremony where they will receive the coveted red dot trophy.

Supported with 10,000 € - the red dot: junior prize
Students and young designers are requested to participate with their works in the red dot: junior award. Good design achievements will be awarded the quality seal "red dot", outstanding works the "red dot: best of the best". Among all these works, a "red dot: junior prize" for the best student performance will be given. With 10,000 € this is one of the most valuable prizes for promising young talents in the world.

red dot: agency of the year
Again this year, red dot will choose an agency or a design studio as "red dot: agency of the year ". With this special distinction, for which one cannot apply, the holder of the title will receive an award for particularly continuous and innovative design achievements in the field of communications design. In 2010, it was BBDO from Duesseldorf, which could accept the award trophy, the "Stylus" challenge cup.

Further information on the exhibition in Basel:

About the red dot design award:
The red dot design award, whose origins date back to 1955, is divided into the three disciplines "red dot award: product design", "red dot award: communication design", and "red dot design concept award". With more than 14,000 annual submissions from more than 70 nations, it is now the largest and most prestigious design competition in the world.

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