DMI-Conference: Prof. Dr. Peter Zec gave a lecture in Amsterdam

The renowned Design Management Institute (DMI) informed about current challenges and new initiatives of corporate-creative thinking at the conference “DMI Design/Management Europe 15” on 18/19 May 2011. Since 1979, the Design Management Conference is organised by this organisation which extends its conference and training program frequently. That is the reason why the DMI is one of the most important organisations for design management.

This year’s venue in Amsterdam, the historical and centrally located building “Felix Meritis” designed by Jacob Otten Husley in 1787, is an independent European centre for art, culture and science. Today it is an established international meeting place which builds the perfect frame for a debate on Design Management. In his lecture, Prof. Dr. Zec, initiator and CEO of the red dot design award, explained why design is an important resource and key feature for innovation and commercial success. Together with Burkhard Jacob, director of the red dot institute for advanced design studies, he published “Design Value – A strategy for business success” in 2010 in which both support the idea that commercial success and commercial growth can evolve from design innovations.

In line with the Design Management Conference, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec gave a lecture on this topic to more than 200 respected design managers of well-known major enterprises. All participants followed his words on the use of design as a tool for economic growth with great interest. Prof. Dr. Zec, who carries the design idea around the world in his design lectures will again discuss with experts on 21 May 2011 as a lecturer at the 2020 Strategic Development of Design Industry Round Table Forum (SDDI Forum) in Taipeh, Taiwan.