Winner of the DME Award 2007

Anniversary of the DME Award: successful design management in Europe will be awarded for the 5th time

In line with the EU funded Innovation Festival which takes place in Tallinn/Estonia, the DME consortium conferres the DME Award for the 5th time. The opinion that design has already become one of the key features for innovation and commercial success finally makes its way into the EU. Design management is understood as the primary stage for a successful design strategy which results in better products and services. It is an appreciation of the implementation of design with the realization of commercial success in focus.

This year’s DME award will be offered in four categories and the ceremony will be celebrated in Tallinn. The Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen already planned and held the first award in 2007. The registration for 2011 just started – companies and organizations from all over Europe are invited to submit their works for the DME Award by 24 June 2011.

The assumption that commercial success and commercial growth can evolve from design innovations is also supported by Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator of the red dot design award, and Burkhard Jacob, director of the red dot institute for advanced design studies, in “Design Value – A strategy for business success”, published in 2010. The contribution design provides to increase a company’s value and the additional value it establishes for companies and consumers depends on the way it is managed and accommodated to the business strategy.

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