Prof. Dr. Winfred Kaminski

Game design as a yardstick for game quality: Prof. Dr. Winfred Kaminski joins the red dot jury

The days of cult pixel games and clumsy graphics are long over. For years now, there has been a trend toward photorealistic games, as the endless possibilities of software and hardware now allow for a standard of images that influences not just games developers but also TV and cinema productions. The gaming industry has become established as a driver for all visual media. As we stand at the frontier of “hyperrealism” and truly sophisticated 3D animation, it is an opportune time to ask ourselves: what are we to do with all of this new-found perfection? Professor Dr. Winfred Kaminski will now join the jury for the red dot design award and will judge whether the bombastic technical developments are also used in an appealing and meaningful way and in particular whether they promote enjoyment of the game.

Winfred Kaminski and Martin Lorber from the software market leader Electronic Arts have come up with the term “clash of realities” to describe the collision of the virtual and the real world. When they first coined the term in 2006, they used it as both the motto and the title for a conference aiming to provide information on “computer games and social reality”. The conference was a huge success and has since taken place every two years. It provides a well-respected platform with a strong media presence for internationally renowned scientists, including members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to exchange their experience of topics such as “Video Games: The most Emotional of all Media” or “Spiel-Gründe: Zum Verhältnis von Architektur und Games (Gaming grounds: the relationship between architecture and games)”. The fourth Clash of Realities conference will take place in 2012.

The cultural scientist Winfred Kaminski is a professor at Cologne University of Applied Sciences. He is one of the highest-profile researchers in the interdisciplinary field of computer games and virtual worlds. He will join the jury for the red dot award: communication design from the summer of 2011 and will judge the design of the games entered in the competition.