Hjalti Karlsson, Iceland
Kelley Cheng, Singapore
Jianping He, China

Inspired experts - the jury of the red dot award: communication design

The latecomers’ phase for the registration of posters, annual reports, video games, websites and further products of the communication industry for the red dot award: communication design 2011 is on. Only until 17 June 2011 designers, agencies or design offices have the chance to participate with their creative works.

An independent, international jury of experts analyses every single work of the competition`s 24 different categories with expert knowledge and a good eye for outstanding design.

Hjalti Karlsson – a sense for successful design
In the heart of Manhattan, Hjalti Karlsson from Iceland runs karlssonwilker Inc. together with Jan Wilker. They both work on all sorts of projects, with a wide range of clients. Karlsson is an avid speaker in the design community at schools, and often gives talks and workshops to clients and industry folk. Karlsson`s and Wilken`s work has appeared in numerous design publications, and they have received nearly one thousand awards. They work for clients such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), MTV, bloomberg, Vitra, Print Magazine, Puma, New York Times Magazine, and The Guggenheim.

Kelley Cheng –editorial design by passion
Kelley Cheng, born in 1972, studied art and architecture at the National University of Singapore and she also published the award-winning design magazine "iSh". In 2001, she was recruited by the Page One Group, where under her leadership hundreds of art, design, and architecture books were published worldwide. As editor and creative director she has received many international awards, and currently runs her own publishing and consulting agency The Press Room as well as two F&B outlets. For two years now she is also editor-in-chief of the well-established magazine "Singapore Architect". Kelley Cheng is active in the advisory committees of various design institutions and international jury panels. She is also active as exhibition curator and has been voted one of the 50 Most Inspirational Women 2010 in Singapore.

Jianping He – poster design as area of expertise
Jianping He was born in China in 1973 and now lives in Berlin, where he works as graphic designer, lecturer and publisher. He studied graphic design at the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) and the Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin), before teaching at the Berlin University of the Arts. Furthermore, he was visiting professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the China Academy of Art Hangzhou. Jianping He has received international contest awards for his works, especially for his posters and graphics. Jianping He is, amongst others, member of the Professional Examination Association and the Alliance Graphique Internationale.

Creative minds of communication designs have the chance to register their works for the world`s most renowned design awards only until 17 June 2011.

Further information on www.red-dot.de/cd and participation on www.myreddot.de.