Andreas Graf and Florian Käppler
Audi’s corporate sound concept is far beyond the scope of single elements like a sound logo. It makes the brand acoustically come alive in all its applications.

s12 GmbH, Munich and Klangerfinder GmbH und Co KG, Stuttgart

While companies, agencies and communication designers around the world are being invited to register their work for the red dot award: communication design 2011, we are presenting you with a selection of the award-winning works from last year’s competition in this special publication.

Audi Corporate Sound was honoured by the “red dot: best of the best” 2010

Florian Käppler, M.F.A., was born in 1969. He is a composer and founding member of Klangerfinder GmbH & Co KG, the Stuttgart based studio for auditory communication. It designs and realises acoustic projects within the framework of brands and music, media and space, arts and industry, science and technology. Florian Käppler is co-founder and head of the interdisciplinary degree programme of Music Design at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen (Trossingen University of Music) and the Furtwangen University.

Andreas Graf, Diplom-Betriebswirt (master of business administration), was born in 1969. He is a strategist and concept developer, among others for corporate sound projects. He is the founding member and managing partner of the s12 GmbH based in Munich. One of its services rendered is called “360° brand and music“, wherein it is developing brand-strategic approaches of corporate sound and music platforms for the media, showrooms and digital applications. Andreas Graf is assistant lecturer for electronic
media at the Hochschule der Medien (Stuttgart Media University) in Stuttgart.

Andreas Graf and Florian Käppler on “The development
of a coherent sound system”:

The visual design world is based upon a comprehensive stock of knowledge with regard to the theories of colours and musical forms, typography etc. each of them featuring distinct design principles and a corresponding research of impact.

On the contrary, in the field of music and sound, arguments are often made emotionally. Therefore, in the first instance, we are interested in: What is sound actually made of? How does music work? In this connection at first it is all about the interaction of different parameters like rhythm, melody, harmony, tone colour, dynamics and method of production or interpretation.

For each brand we thereby give an individual answer to the following questions: which of these parameters can be reasonably isolated, which ones can be bundled, which ones can be included as fixed and which will remain discretionary? Subsequently it is essential to further develop brand values on an acoustic level and make them audible.

red dot: Where and how do you gather information on trends?

Florian Käppler und Andreas Graf: We don’t catch up on trends. We are interested in alternative concepts of thinking which could set trends at some remote period.

red dot: What developments do you currently see in your industry?

Florian Käppler und Andreas Graf: The auditive communication is on a tear. Companies and brands realise more and more which potential of differentiation this level offers - and that it is not exhausted by now.

red dot: Which of your projects has presented the biggest challenge for you so far?

Florian Käppler und Andreas Graf: The development of software which invents music itself.

red dot: How do you approach new projects?

Florian Käppler und Andreas Graf: In a different way every time, but we always act with curiosity, enthusiasm and many questions.
red dot: What are the qualities a successful communication designer must have?

Florian Käppler und Andreas Graf: On the one hand sensitivity and empathy – on the other hand backbone and endurance.

red dot: What else would you like to learn?

Florian Käppler und Andreas Graf: To understand the functional principle of music and sound even better.