Jeroen van Erp und Petr Skala, the designers of "Van Beem & Van Haagen".
Van Beem & Van Haagen create spatial, physical forms of logos and symbols for a wide range of brands and aim, in this film, to show how the company’s projects are developed.

Fabrique [brands, design & interaction], Delft

While companies, agencies and communication designers around the world are being invited to register their work for the red dot award: communication design 2011, we are presenting you with a selection of the award-winning works from last year’s competition in this special publication.

Fabrique [brands, design & interaction] were awarded the red dot: best of the best 2010 for the movie "Van Beem & Van Haagen".

Fabrique is a multidisciplinary agency since 1992 and one of the leading companies in the field of brand, communication and interaction design in the Netherlands. The agency develops visions, strategies and resources, preferably in an integrated manner. Over more than 85 artists, engineers and storytellers work with pleasure and passion on a wide range of assignments for consumer brands, service-sector companies, the government, education, the entertainment industry and cultural institutions. The team for the movie of Van Beem & Van Haagen included Petr Skala as designer and animator, Kay Timmers as project manager and Jeroen van Erp as creative director. Jeroen van Erp is creative director and partner at Fabrique, and in this role he is responsible for the creative policy. He is a guest lecturer for various courses and a board member at NAGO (the Netherlands graphic design archive) and the Design & Emotion Society.

Jeroen van Erp on "Visualising a brand within a movie":

Van Beem & Van Haagen are specialists in the realization of the physical form of icons for a variety of brands. It is an innovative company which offers creative solutions in the area of making, producing and realising signs. Van Beem & Van Haagen take a constructive, innovative and creative approach. Moreover, they also have a solid technical basis. Fabrique decided to make an exceptional film, in order to show how the projects of Van Beem & Van Haagen come about. Building in smart features combined with extreme craftsmanship is the core of who Van Beem & Van Haagen is. In order to communicate this clearly, craftsmanship was also used in making the film, which was realised as a time-lapse movie. The craftsmanship was made really tangible in combination with a healthy dose of creativity, humour and informative images. Together, these ensure a good perception of the Van Beem & Van Haagen brand.

red dot: Where and how do you gather information on trends?
Jeroen van Erp:
We get this information by rooming in and taking distance at the same time from everything around us.

What developments do you currently see in your industry?
What we see is the change from doing to thinking. Design will become more and more a commodity and the difference will be made by choosing smart angels. Design thinking will become the main issue in the forthcoming years.

Which of your projects has presented the biggest challenge for you so far?
That will be the first one we start with tomorrow!

How do you approach new projects?
Every project has a different approach. It depends on the context. It’s our ambition to always take an extra step of what our client asks for.

What are the qualities a successful communication designer must have?
He or she has to be a good listener, a bit stubborn, able to kill his darlings, skilled and a joy to work with.

What else would you like to learn?
Yes of course: The art of being patient!