Participants wanted for Massive Change

Institute without Boundaries (IwB)

An initiative between the School of Design – George Brown College and Bruce Mau Design.


Initiated in January 2003, the first group of six dedicated and talented students participating in this program came from Mexico, USA, Canada and Europe with backgrounds in journalism, psychology and science, design, publishing, communications and architecture. The IwB team is led by Bruce Mau and Greg Van Alstyne, the program director, along with other members of the BMD studio.

Together, the team has been laying the foundations for “Massive Change”, an ambitious, multi-year project on the future of design. Massive Change is built around the view that design has placed us at the beginning of a new, unprecedented period of human possibility.

In its inaugural year, the IwB participants have created a series of manifesto posters for Utopia Station, presented as part of the 2003 Venice Biennale. They are also working as a team to write, design, and produce a book to be published by Phaidon Press and present a 20,000 square –foot exhibition commissioned by the Vancouver Art Gallery for the Summer of 2004, that will tour around the world in venues such as Tokyo, Essen, Perth, etc.

We are currently looking for ten suitable candidates  to join the Massive Change project for next year’s class, beginning in January 2004. Next year’s participants will oversee the material creation of the book, the development of the film, “Massive Change”, as well as the exhibition and its grand opening on June 24. They will also embrace new and uncharted forms of communication designs for feature films, online forums, and a series of public events.

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