"The Muse" - music video by Felix Marc in the red dot design museum

In recent times, the red dot design museum in Essen was very often chosen as an event location and visited by prominent guests. In January 2011, a trade union celebrated its 750-year existence in the presence of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, in April Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, crown prince Willem-Alexander and his wife Máxima enjoyed the unique atmosphere of the former boiler house of "Zeche Zollverein". Since 1997, excellent events take place at this venue – and now an internationally known musician used the location for the first time for a sophisticated music clip.

It’s not possible to imagine the contemporary, darker music scene which takes up the sounds of the 1980’s New Wave, without Felix Marc. As front man of the successful synthiepop band Frozen Plasma and keyboarder of the electro/dark wave music group Diorama, he’s  been affecting the sound of  relevant clubs for years. In 2008, he brought the album "Pathways" as a solo artist on the music market, a much-noticed and by critics consistently celebrated debut. This year he walks on solopaths again: The second album by Felix Marc, "Parallel Worlds", was just released – and with it the first single "The Muse".

The catchy and very danceable pop song is about the "kiss of the muse", which the artist would despairly miss to develop new things and creativity. However, the muse is a contradictory character: She seduces to innovative formations, but whether a valuable, fruitful work or a misallocation will arises from it, is another story. Just think of the variety of inventive thinkers – poets, fine artists or simply musicians – who were cast a spell over and misled at the same time, because their works were never or at another time discovered without a profitable valuation taking place for them. The objects in the red dot design museum reflect this idea with a positive turn: Within one year all of them were examined, valued, awarded for their good design and made accessible.

"The similarity in character, the duality of art and commerce which is just as important for a composing musician as for a designer, is very present at the red dot design museum", explains Felix Marc the choice of the shooting location for his new music video. "I wanted to work up the triad muse, music, museum in a visual way. The old industrial romance of the boiler house at UNESCO world heritage Zollverein in combination with the beauty of modern design is the perfect frame for the song "The Muse", which deals with a classic cultural topic, but accompanies it with modern sounds."

The new album of the musician, who lives in Paris and pursues an astoundingly normal job in the automotive industry as regular occupation, deals with the bipolar relation of everyday work and artistical process. During the day: office job, in the evening or at the weekend: creative work and being celebrated on stage – Felix Marc switches these roles nearly every day and thus lives in a divergence which many people feel beyond or in the midst of their everyday working life: the necessity of a “regular” job work and the desire to live one’s own creativity. Blessed is he, who is seduced by the muse in the right direction.

By the direction of Boris May a sweeping clip has been developed, which gives the technowise song passionate collateral pictures. Even two muses try to convert the artist to their bright or dark column. Thereby the red dot design museum is not only the impressive frame, but rather becoming a part of the story. In these days the music video premieres: Within release parties in Germany, but also, among others, in Moscow, Belgrade and Poznan (Posen), the publishing of the album, the single and the video were celebrated. Felix Marc is the first artist who was ever allowed to shoot a music clip at the red dot design museum.


Felix Marc – The Muse (2011)
Actors: Felix Marc, Séraphine Strange, Miss Mayhem
Director/Editor: Boris May
Director of Photography: Dominik Kuhn

Supplier and contact: http://www.infacted-recordings.com
Felix Marc: www.felixmarc.de
Boris May: www.facebook.com/boris.may

Video: Felix Marc – The Muse