Promising concepts: jury meeting of the "red dot award: design concept" completed!

The “red dot award: design concept” is not only the world`s most successful and professional contest for design concepts, it also serves as an indisputable benchmark for creativity and design in the industry. Once again, tomorrow`s ideas have been examined in Singapore: the independent, international jury of experts checked every concept with a keen eye and discussed it with expert`s opinion during a multi-day selection process. Through this continuous exchange of knowledge, all submissions have been accounted from various points of view. Only the most promising ideas are awarded a red dot.

This year, more than 3,500 concepts have been submitted, which is a record that expresses the development and importance of the competition. In 2005, when the “red dot award: design concept” had been organized for the first time, the focus was on the aesthetic evaluation of the submitted concepts. Today, also this red dot has been established worldwide as an award which certifies stylistic and functional fit for the market. Some companies already demand that their designers win the “red dot award: design concept”, in order to produce evidence that their planned products will succeed.

For numerous designers, the participation at the “red dot award: design concept” is only the beginning of a big career. The sought-after distinction gives access to international promotion opportunities which are only available to winners.