Highest distinction for all-rounders from Greece: Beetroot receives the title "red dot: agency of the year 2011"!

Those who submit their logos, advertising and PR campaigns to the “red dot award: communication design” know that they give their works in the hands of a jury that demands the highest standards of originality and substance. It is all the more striking, if a certain team participates over the years principally successful in this competition. The best agency in 2011 has achieved such a great success. By comparison, the agency is small, comes from Greece - and is named after a very healthy vegetable: Beetroot is the "red dot: agency of the year 2011".

Founded in 2000 by Vangelis Liakos, Yiannis Charalambopoulos and Alexis Nikou, eleven employees work at the studio today. The Beetroot Design Group works on projects in all those media, where graphic design is conceivable and applicable – thus in print, branding and also in web, video, TV or installations and exhibitions. The list of their clients doesn’t only include Greek, but also established companies and organisations from abroad.

"Beetroot is in a brilliant position: a flexible, powerful team with the highest quality", says Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of red dot. "We have rarely met an agency like Beetroot from Thessaloniki, which consists of real all-rounders, showing at the same time such a consistently brilliant level. For years, the three founders and their employees have been stringently creating some of the smartest designs that have been ever presented to the jury of the “red dot award: communication design".

On 7 October 2011, this years’ “red dot: agency of the year” receives the coveted challenge cup “Stylus” for their outstanding creative achievements in the course of the award ceremony at the Konzerthaus Berlin. "We were there when BBDO was presented with the ‘Stylus’”, said Vangelis Liakos. "In fact, we really wished to have it one day in our office – and then we had to laugh. We are a small agency in a small country. But we have realised that this title is not about the number of clients or employees, but about the service we offer. The fact that red dot honours our work like this and appointed us to be the agency of the year makes us very happy – especially since you can’t apply for this title."

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