"red dot award: communication design 2011" - successful premiere in a glamourous ambience

Last weekend, the winners of the “red dot award: communication design 2011” were honoured by the international design scene for their outstanding creative works. This year, the highlight of the “red dot award: communication design” took place in Berlin with a glamourous gala and a glittering party.

The award ceremony fascinated about 1,400 guests. It was hosted by Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of red dot. Compared to last year, the 2011 red dot gala attracted more than three times more creative heads: design stars, economic experts, politicians and the media from all over the world followed the packed gala at the Konzerthaus Berlin and were impressed by courageous campaigns and the best designs.

Only in the yourse of the red dot gala, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec announced the ten winners of the “red dot: grand prix”, the highest individual distinction. Together with the host, the stage guests Jiangping He, Rowland Heming, Rainer Hirt, Jean Jacques Schaffner, Prof. Laurent Lacour and Rob Vermeulen discussed the latest trends in design with Prof. Dr. Peter Zec on stage in Berlin. The cultural frame programme was shaped by saxophone-actor & composer Dietmar Diesner: Since the 1980s, the music performer uses his very own technique and the traditional circular breathing for his solo performances. With his extra-long breath, he fascinated the international audience.

A special highlight was the appearance of Germany’s most popular TV host: Günther Jauch personally received his red dot certificate on the stage of the Konzerthaus Berlin and had a humorous verbal exchange with Peter Zec. The client who had contributed himself to the design relaunch of his vineyard “von Othegraven”, was asked upon the importance of design. He answered: “The label may be ever so beautiful but if the wine doesn’t taste in the end, it won’t work. For a long time, the vineyard was considered to be a hidden treasure. Insiders knew that it is a really good wine but marketing hadn’t been put to use for decades. That was why for me it was obvious that I had to set the course and had to find through the design of the bottle a modern but at the same time classic and, to my mind, beautiful presentation with a consistent language.”

The obituary on Prof. Kurt Weidemann was a very emotional moment. A touching clip presented the most important intersections between red dot and the graphic designer from Stuttgart, who shaped communication design over years as a judicious initiator and exposed jury member. That’s how Prof. Dr. Peter Zec erected an especially dignified memorial in honour of one of the leading heads in his field.

This year, communication designer Martina Morth from Dortmund, Germany, received the “red dot: junior prize” including a prize money of 10,000 euros. Her awarded diploma thesis “Aufschwung durch Ableben” (“Economic revival through death”) visualises an unusual and at the same time macabre topic. In Morth’s annual report, death presents itself as a market-listed company and provides insight into its highly successful fiscal year 2009/2010.

In 2010, the honourary title “red dot: client of the year” was bestowed on a client, who shapes global markets through investment in creative and innovative communication work. In 2011, Audi succeeded in defending this sought-after title and thus, still remains the strongest and most successful brand in communication design. In addition, Bernhard Neumann of AUDI AG also accepted the “red dot: grand prix” for the performance installation “Outrace” full of pride.

The appointment of Beetroot Design Group as “red dot: agency of the year” was an unforgettable experience for the whole team of the agency. Dimitra Christodoulopoulou, councilor of the Greek Embassy in Berlin, said in her laudation: “We are so rejoiced that the Beetroot Design Group received the title of honour “red dot: agency of the year”. Dear “Greek Monsters” – I hope that this distinction won’t be the only highlight but rather the start of numerous cooperations with companies who cherish the outstanding quality of your work.”

Beetroot received the “Stylus”, the highest team distinction, for its continuously and outstandingly design achievements. CEOs and founders Vangelis Liakos and Yiannis Charalambopoulos explained in their words of thanks: “It is said that the journey is more important than the goal. But we are absolutely sure that we, as the “red dot: agency of the year”, have reached the most distinctive destination right here and now.”

Due to the thrilling music of DJ Pearl, the spectacular party in the puristic ambience of the Alte Münze Berlin lasted until the wee hours. In the course of the Designers’ Night, the special exhibition “Design on stage – winners red dot award: communication design 2011” was opened at the hip location. Until 16 October 2011, all winning works will be presented within the exhibition – an inspiring must for all those who want to be up to date in communication design.

Always in search of new means of expression and innovative design solutions, the current crisis in Greece serves as an inspiration for the special exhibition by Beetroot Design Group: Self-ironically, the “red dot: agency of the year 2011” presents itself as “The Greek Monsters” – an appropriate allusion to the current criticism passed on everything from Greece and a hint at the same time. Because: Although Greece is figured as the evil monster of Europe, right now one can recognise on closer examination that the hot-blooded country can also shine brightly. With the creative minds of Beetroot it shows outstanding and highly successful communication design that thrilled and completely won over the experts of the international red dot jury in 2011.

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