Special notes for delivery & collection

Special notes for delivery

Please mark your package and the product itself using the labels sent to you. To make sure that your product can be delivered quickly, we ask that you inform your logistics company (courier, freight forwarder, etc.) of the PI code allocated to you.

For deliveries from non-EU countries could you please ensure that product
deliveries are handled in accordance with the customs requirements for the
free trade of goods (Delivered Duty Paid). If you decide for a temporary import, it is essential that you use a freight forwarder, i.e. do not use a courier, express packet service, etc. More details can be obtained from your nearest customs office or here.

Wall-mounted installations are not possible due to the nature of the space.

In the case of very large products (XXLarge), please send a plan with details of the planned presentation of your entry to our logistic department at logistics(at)red-dot.de so we can authorise the space needed.

Participants are responsible for proper delivery to the above mentioned delivery location, inside the first door. The participants are obliged to provide any accessories needed for handling (forklifts, ramps, etc). Please contact your freight forwarder or supplier with regard to this issue, as any additional costs incurred during delivery will be charged to the participant concerned.

The products/exhibits are transported at the risk and cost of the participant. We recommend that participants take out transport insurance for entries.

Special notes for collection

Please note that you are responsible for collecting your entry yourself.

To make sure that your product can be collected quickly, we ask that you inform your logistics company (courier, freight forwarder, etc.) of the PI code allocated to you.

Please note the binding collection times. Products that are not collected by the end of this period will be stored by us in return for a fee.

We will store products that receive an award until the beginning of the special exhibition. This does not apply to products that participants set up themselves for judging or to products awarded an honourable mention. These products set up by participants themselves will be requested again prior to the special exhibition in agreement with the organiser. Products that have been awarded an honourable mention have to be collected within the given time as well.

The participant concerned bears all costs and risks related to storage. Liability under product liability law, e.g. when the product slips or moves, remains unaffected.