red dot - A quality seal with the power to defend!

Recently, a qualified legal expert stated in the renowned German legal journal “Der Grüne Bote” that product awards by recognised institutions have a protective effect before the courts. The red dot design award was top of the list of the awards mentioned. This means that anyone who wins in this competition also has a substantial legal advantage.

At the same time the red dot design award should serve its participants as a yardstick and a benchmark: How do ones design achievements rate in an international comparison? Are one’s own designs authentic, creative and consistent? Professional designers can only get credible answers to these questions from an independent source. For this reason, the red dot jury solely comprises unbiased international design experts with world-class reputations.

The success of those who are considered to be the best in their product category by the expert jury, will resonate around the globe. The red dot label will generate a high level of attention in correspondence, on packaging and in brochures. In addition, the award-winning designs will be eternalised in the yearbook and be presented in the largest exhibition of contemporary design, in the red dot design museum. These measures will also have a huge impact.

By taking part in the “red dot award: product design 2012” designers and manufacturers can test their own present quality standards and take a chance at being announced as one of this year’s winners in just a few weeks from now. The regular registration period ends tomorrow, 20 January 2012. The submission will only be possible by 8 February 2012.

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