Javier Mariscal

red dot juror Javier Mariscal nominated for the Oscar

The nomination of the Spanish animation film “Chico & Rita” for the 84th Academy Awards, which have been bestowed in Los Angeles on 26 February 2012, demonstrates that exceptional achievements in the field of communication design already find approval in Hollywood. The story of the young piano player Chico and the singer Rita, who fight for their passion of music and their love to each other, has been staged by Javier Mariscal in the tradition of the Latin ballad, the bolero.

For Javier Mariscal, the nomination for the “Oscar” is surely just one of several highlights in his successful career as a graphic designer: In 1979 he designed the poster “Bar Cel Ona” for the city of Barcelona, which became an icon of the metropolis. After his cooperation with numerous well-known companies, Mariscal created the mascot “Cobi” for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona and won the international competition for the design of the mascot for the World Exhibition 2000 in Hanover.

About thirty skilled experts work in his “Estudio Mariscal”, with whom Jaiver Mariscal realises current projects such as the designing of numerous websites, the production of advertising spots or illustrations for international magazines such as The New Yorker, El Mundo or the Time Out Magazine.

Due to his excellent professional expertise, Javier Mariscal has been a jury member of the “red dot award: communication design 2005”.

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