Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona (example)
Times Square in New York (example)
Piccadilly Circus in London (example)

The big gig: red dot offers large-scale billboards for the first time

Those who convince in the red dot design award and receive the coveted quality seal, can be sure of one thing: attention. Regardless of whether the usage of the red dot label on product packagings, the presentation of one’s designs at the red dot design museum as well as in the online exhibition or the eternisation in the red dot design yearbook – these exclusive services are only available to the winners of the competition and generate a maximum of visibility for their products.

Now, red dot offers its laureates the booking of large-scale posters for the first time: in the big metropolises, at the most important places of the world. Among others, locations like Piccadilly Circus in London, Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona or the New York Times Square are available. This way, some of the most eye-catching advertising spaces of the world are reserved for red dot winners.

red dot large-scale billboards allow companies to communicate their success immensely as well as strikingly, so that business partners, competitors and target groups are informed about the outstanding design quality of a product in an impressive way. Who decides upon the big gig, will competently be accompanied by red dot. The full package does not only include the production of the billboard, but also the coordination with authorities, the installation as well as the disassembly and photo documentation for internal and external corporate communications.