Competition of communicators and campaigns: The “red dot award: communication design 2012” has started!

Pathbreaking, cosmopolitan, high-quality: These attributes distinguish works that are convincing the jury in the “red dot award: communication design”. The internationally renowned design competition offers a reliable platform to stand up with the best of the industry and to prove their unique features.

The competition

The “red dot award: communication design“ rewards innovative communication design, from “Posters” and “Annual Reports “ to “Corporate” and “Interface Design”. A distinction guarantees worldwide attention and ensures that an agency or a brand is associated with excellent design quality. The results of the competition are also seen as a significant guiding direction on the part of the decision makers. Last year’s participant figures also testify to this. In 2011, 6,468 pieces of communication work were entered in the competition – a clear sign of courage to face up to the scrutiny of the independent jury members.

In a process lasting for several days, internally renowned communication designers from all over the world evaluate each individual performance. Only the best design works of the high-quality field of participants of the “red dot award: communication design” are awarded the coveted quality seal.

Award ceremony and party

The highlight of the competition is the red dot gala, traditionally hosted by red dot initiator Prof. Dr. Peter Zec. In 2011, the award ceremony was held in Berlin for the first time, with around 1,400 guests from all over the globe. Everybody who is anybody in the industry will convene once again in Germany’s capital city in 2012 in order to honour excellent communicators for their achievements. Afterwards, the winners will be celebrated in a fitting manner at the Designers' Night.

New categories

The red dot jury judges the best in communication design in 21 categories. “Mobile & Apps“ and “Social Media“ are new. The recently established categories reflect the advancing process of digitalisation. In addition to traditional communication design from areas such as “Editorial“ and “Advertising“, digital design achievements in particular promise a high degree of innovation potential. The judging process follows a canon of strict assessment criteria; the parameters are adjusted constantly to new findings concerning technical, societal or economic requirements and reflect the prevalent mood of the time.

The distinctions

red dot

It is internationally desired and highly regarded: the red dot. As a seal of quality for aesthetic designs it is only awarded for works that could convince the red dot jury by their high design standards.

“red dot: best of the best“

Again and again, in the high-quality submissions only few stand out: works that fascinate the jurors and deliver true highlights. Thus, the best works of a category receive the award “red dot: best of the best” for highest design quality.

“red dot: grand prix“

Those who have been awarded the “red dot: best of the best” for his or her achievement, may also hope for the “red dot: grand prix”. This selection is exciting to the very last second: only at the red dot gala it is traditionally announced, which of the nominated works will be honoured with the highest individual award of the competition. The measuring stick is at such a high level that the “red dot: grand prix” has yet not been awarded in most of the categories.

“red dot: junior prize“

In the red dot award: communication design, young talents do not go away empty-handed either. Who was able to make the “red dot: best of the best“ sure for him- or herself, also has the possibility to get the “red dot: junior prize” for the best student work, endowed with 10,000 €. This is the chance for the creative youth to make a breakthrough in design and convince potential clients of their proper skills.

“red dot: client of the year“

This honorary title is awarded to the client who supports the competence of an agency or his own communication professionals which or who translate good ideas into an expressive form by means of creative designs. The “red dot: client of the year” is honoured for his or her success and courage at the red dot gala.

“red dot: agency of the year"

You cannot apply for this unique prize of honour. The agency which continuously convinces with superior design performances is worthy of it. The reward: an internationally renowned title and the “Stylus” challenge cup – both will be awarded to the “red dot: agency of the year” during the festive red dot gala.


Early Bird: Participation at a reduced registration costs until 13 April 2012
Regular: 14 April – 11 May 2012
Latecomers: 12 – 25 May 2012
Jury meeting: June 2012
red dot gala: 24 October 2012 in Berlin, Germany

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