Audi: "red dot: client of the year 2011"

Awarded decision-makers: Who will become "red dot: client of the year 2012"?

It’s a symbiosis of a special kind: Heads of communications and their agencies. Almost always an uneasy relationship – and the tension may never go out into public. At the worst, one uses the other in order to clarify the question of fault concerning communicative failure by simply denying the counterpart’s competence. In an ideal situation, by contrast, one authority leads the other to success without the latter realizing that he was conducted. Anyhow, they cannot do without each other.

Also in this context, the “red dot award: communication design” sticks to its goal to reward successful samples. That’s why the honorary title “red dot: client of the year” was established in 2010: It’s not only the creative minds that choose the right marketing conditions for a product, a brand or a company. Quite often, it’s the farsighted decisions of CEOs and marketing managers that lead to the desired results.

In the last two years, it turned out that the agency and campaign mix which Audi has compiled was the reason for the brand’s success. Hardly any single company achieved as many creative successes in the “red dot award: communication design” as the car manufacturer from Ingolstadt/Germany with its external communicators spread all over different places. Will Audi score the hat-trick? Or will a different company be awarded the most red dots for outstandingly designed PR and marketing activities? The following weeks will show the winner of this single trophy: The registration period is on! 

All information on the participation in the “red dot award: communication design 2012”

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