red dot award: design concept - The jury’s criteria

Now, as the end of the standard submission period draws near to the close, the red dot jury panel is eagerly awaiting to preview the latest collection of futuristic and innovative design ideas that could revolutionise our way of life.

Concepts will have to excel through six criteria to get the jury’s vote and the coveted red dot. The challenge for the concepts include: degree of innovation, aesthetic quality, realisation possibility, functionality and usefulness, manufacturing efficiency and the emotional content of the concept. The selection criteria ensure that each winning concept is a perfect embodiment of functionality and exceptional design mastery.

If you think your idea is what our jury is looking for, seize this chance to let your concept win a red dot! With 21 categories for your imagination and creativity to run free, your idea could be anything from public space to fashion or more.

In jury member Gerald Kiska’s words: “It is very important for me to reward designers and producers for their ‘out-of-the-box-thinking’ – their outstanding ideas and great innovations”. There’s nothing further to add to it.

» Entries in English, German, Chinese or Korean can be submitted until 27 April 2012 at!