"Bloom Chips" - Winner at the "red dot award: design concept 2011"

red dot award: design concept - Ideas can be life-changing

With the 2012’s “red dot award: design concept” running hot and preparations underway to complete this year’s collection of the world’s best concepts, we look back to review the most popular concepts of 2011.

The simple and clever idea by Kwon Do-hyuk, Kim Seok-woo, Seo Dong-han, In Sung-hoon and Lee Bum-ho to reinvent the cylindrical potato chips packaging was a hit with the online community, going viral on social media and design websites. Their concept, Bloom Chips, shows how a common problem can be solved with just a simple and ingenious design solution, and of course, a keen observant eye.

The Divisible, a redesigned balloon whisk by Kwon Hansol which won a “red dot: best of the best”, was another popular winner that exhibited design elegance and the brilliance of the mind of a designer. Fellow popular online picks include the “red dot: luminary” winner Microbial Home by Philips Design, Paper Dish, Mole’s Hide and Seek Bike Rack and AIRE.

The fame and opportunities that the “red dot award: design concept” brings for its winners are plentiful, and such great chances do not come by often. The competition gives ideas the opportunity to open the door to success. Standard submission period is on-going until 27 April 2012.

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