Topping the red dot design ranking: Emami Design

In the recently released red dot design ranking for design concepts, German industrial design company Emami Design emerged top of the list for companies.

Emami Design’s outstanding flair in design and innovation was showcased in their six red dot awards and a “red dot: best of the best” at the “red dot award: design concept”. In last year’s competition, the company swept up four red dots with “Loopo”, “Art Detector”, “Handycan” and “Digipipe concepts”. These works ranged from the Entertainment category to Workplace and Productivity, displaying the versatility of their design skills.

Adding on to their list of achievements, Emami’s design concept winner in 2009, “USB Clip”, went on to bag another “red dot: best of the best” at “red dot award: product design 2010” after a swift progression to the market.

After the second red dot win for “USB Clip”, Arman Emami shared his joy with
the red dot team:

"From my point of view, the red dot is one of the most prestigious awards you can receive as a product designer. But if you win it twice in a row for the concept and realisation of the same project (USB-Clip), then that is like Easter and Christmas on the same day. This is of course a great sense of achievement".

Other fellow German companies also entering the international Top 15 list for companies include Pilotfish at fourth and Formwelt Industriedesign and fifteenth place.

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