Only until 25 May 2012 designers, agencies or design offices have the chance to participate with their creative works at the “red dod award: communication design 2012”. At this site, the jury panel of this year’s competition – which will discuss and evaluate the submitted design achievements with expert knowledge – will be introduced gradually.

Lizá Ramalho, Portugal

Lizá Ramalho

To what are you looking forward the most when you think of the judging in 2012?
What I`m really interested in is discussing the processes and criteria for evaluating design. The exchange of knowledge and perspectives, coming from different contexts and work experiences...I think that richness and diversity is what I look forward to the most.
» CV of Lizá Ramalho

Uwe Loesch, Germany

Uwe Loesch

How Do you rate the “red dot award: communication design” internationally?
The “red dot award: communication design” enjoys a high reputation in an international comparison for a long time. In its endeavour to celebrate the most creative surprises in the fields of print- and social media and to ‘mark’ the best communications strategies, the “red dot award: communication design” itself became a successful service brand.
» CV of Uwe Loesch

Hjalti Karlsson, USA

Hjalti Karlsson

How Do you rate the “red dot award: communication design” internationally?
I think the “red dot award: communication design” is outstanding. Every year, we, the judges, have seen a fantastic selection of entries.
» CV of Hjalti Karlsson

Creative minds of communication designs have the chance to register their works for the world`s most renowned design awards only until 25 May 2012.

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