During the latecomers' phase designers, agencies or design offices still have the chance to register by 25 May 2012 and hand in their works for the renowned “red dot award: communication design”, to face up to an independent, international jury of experts. At this site, the jury panel of this year’s competition – which will discuss and evaluate the submitted design achievements with their knowledge – will be introduced gradually.

Malgosia Pawlik-Leniarska, Poland

Malgosia Pawlik-Leniarska

To what are you looking forward the most when you think of the judging in 2012?
Working every day with designers, I believe no other profession is as creative. I'm looking forward to the new proofs of that: to surprise, thrill, excitement, excellence. To see the similarities and differences of various cultures and how they influence the designers themselves and people they design for. And to inspiring discussions of the jury members which are coming from different continents.
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Michel de Boer, Netherlands

Michel de Boer

To what are you looking forward the most when you think of the judging in 2012?
Paradoxical in the joy and torture of my creative mind: firstly to experience those great designs, secondly to be confused about some, third to debate this with my fellow jury mates and last but not least to honor the real good ones.
» CV of Michel de Boer

Tyron Montgomery, Germany

Tyron Montgomery

How do you rate the red dot award: communication design internationally?
As the red dot design award is expected to be the world’s most important design accolade in the field of product design, it has managed to start with high reputation in the new established field “communication design” a couple of years ago. Quality and prestige have grown ever since, which I mainly attribute to three factors:

The excellent work of Peter Zec and his team, the recognition of the jury process by the professional world as well as the wide thematic range of the award. While the former on the Internet and other areas important awards usually couldn’t grow out of their niche existence, the “red dot award: communication design” brought together what belongs together and carried this spirit into the world of the reputable agencies and trade press.
» CV of Tyron Montgomery

Creative minds of communication designs have the chance to register their works for the world`s most renowned design awards only until 25 May 2012.

Further information on www.red-dot.de/cd and participation on www.myreddot.de.