The registration of posters, annual reports, video games, websites and further works of this industry for one of the most renowned international design competitions is only possible until 25 May 2012. Over the last few weeks, the jury members of this year's ”red dot award: communication design” were introduced at this site. With their expert’s view, they will discuss and assess the design achievements submitted. The jury is now ready and looking forward to groundbreaking creations from all around the world.

Jennifer Tsai, Taiwan

Jennifer Tsai

To what are you looking forward the most when you think of the judging in 2012?
I'm looking forward to seeing more new concepts and ideas in communication design caring for the global society and making the world have harmonic and better communication.
» CV of Jennifer Tsai

Rob Vermeulen, Netherlands

Rob Vermeulen

To what are you looking forward the most when you think of the judging in 2012?
I am looking forward to seeing the next generation of design, to meeting friends from all over the world, to discuss design issues and to make outstanding design solutions visible for the international community.
» CV of Rob Vermeulen

Riccardo Capuzzo, Italy

Riccardo Capuzzo

How do you rate the "red dot award: communication design" internationally?
The red dot design award contributes to raising the standards of design all over the world following meritocratic criteria to judge the projects - this is its contribution and responsibility towards the design world. When a firm receives a distinction in the “red dot award: communication design” nowadays, in times when ways to communicate tend to increase exponentially and the market is everyday more global, it means to have a very precious and strategic know how.
» CV of Riccardo Capuzzo

Creative minds of communication designs have the chance to register their works for the world`s most renowned design awards only until 25 May 2012.

Further information on and participation at my red dot.