27 June 2012 marks the last chance to register for the “red dot award: design concept 2012”! In this final phase of the competition, we interviewed two of our esteemed jurors to find out what design concepts mean to them.

Nils Toft, Denmark

Nils Toft

The “red dot award: design concept” provides a great competitive opportunity for two different categories of contestants in the design community:

One is the corporate category, which get a chance to display excellent design concepts, freed from constraints of normal commercial product design. This allows them to showcase future experimental design opportunities.

The other category is the large group of the design community that is not connected to the corporate industry or the private professionals, such as design students and young graduates.

Regular product design awards are not always relevant to this huge creative and innovative group and I believe that the “red dot award: design concept” provides a great opportunity for this category to display its excellence.
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Song Kee Hong, Singapore

Song Kee Hong

Innovative conceptual design is about creating paradigm-shifting products or services that can leapfrog the competition. It is crucial to the future of companies and even entire industries - by inspiring breakthroughs in product development or creating new business opportunities.
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The perfect opportunity to showcase your best design ideas and earn a chance to realise your idea will end on 27 June 2012.

More information regarding registering your outstanding design concept can be found at www.red-dot.sg/concept.