Lecturers of the seminar "Smart Materials for Design and Architecture"

Smart Materials for Design and Architecture

New materials inspire designers and architects to constantly develop new products, and promise consumers a better quality of life and living. What is becoming increasingly apparent is that more and more designers and architects are developing new materials – thus turning traditional knowledge of company-driven innovation upside down.

On 3 July 2012, the seminar “Smart Materials for Design and Architecture” introduced new developments which might not be expected to come from the designer or architect side. The event provided the attendants with many unusual and unfamiliar perspectives.

Among others, Yos S. Theosabrata from Indonesia introduced the use of coconut leaves or palm fibre as a solid and beautiful material for the roof of a house and Benjamin Kwitek from the USA explained why paper always wins and why it is a smart and winning material for emotional design. In addition, besides many other insights into the field of smart materials, Zsuzsanna Szentirmai-Joly presented a material collection which is based on a fine surface geometry and a special linking technique.

Only until 29 July 2012, the red dot design museum shows the special exhibition “Moving Materials” which dedicates to this exciting design topic.

Photos of the seminar "Smart Materials for Design and Architecture"

Photo credit: Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen