Ben van Berkel during the jury session of the "red dot award: product design 2012"
Office and residential building "V on Shenton" in Singapore

red dot juror Ben van Berkel designs "V on Shenton" in Singapore

As a prospering, cosmopolitan city in the heart of Asia, even the skyline of Singapore constantly changes. Only 500 m away from the red dot design museum, located right in centre of this bustling city state, architect and red dot juror Ben van Berkel shapes the new appearance of the Central Business District. Once, the former UIC Building was the tallest building in Singapore and one of the tallest in South-East Asia. Today, as a part of the redevelopment of the city centre, the twin towers of “V on Shenton” become the latest eye-catcher in this area.

The 23-storey office building perfectly corresponds to the scale of the surrounding buildings while the 53-storey residential tower distinguishes itself from the neighbourhood. Both, residential and office tower, are of the same family of forms. A combining element, Ben van Berkel also used for the design of the facades, which originate from the same family of patterns and characterise the building’s specific structure. It is not hard to understand why the architect sees the building also as a sculptural object.

Sky gardens invite for recreation and provide a refuge from the noise and heat of the city. Fresher and cleaner air is just one of several positive effects of these lush green spaces. For those who want to enjoy the best view of the city or the ocean, the residential tower also provides two sky lobbies and exclusive access to the outdoor roof terraces for the residents of the penthouse levels.

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