red dot design ranking: The design report card 2012

Hot off the heels of the results of the “red dot award: design concept 2012”, the red dot institute releases the ranking for design concepts. In the world of design where change is the constant, the organisations and institutions in the red dot design ranking challenge themselves to innovate often; to outdo others as well as themselves each year.

In the ranking for companies, Liteon Technology Corporation has advanced in the second position. New entrant, kt (Korea Telecom)’s work, with Seymourpowell, placed both organisations in the top positions in the company and design studio rankings respectively.

Umeå Institute of Design pipped ENSCI - Les Ateliers for the top position for universities in the Americas and Europe, and Art Center College of Design entered at third position after winning two “red dot: best of the best” this year. In the Asia Pacific region, Shih Chien University’s achievements advanced them into third position from fifth.

The ranking is computed using a weighted formula considering the cumulative number and classes of awards received over the last five years, and with a strong emphasis on recency. It is a reflection of an organization`s real sustainable design innovation capability.

Apart from the red dot design ranking for concepts, the red dot institute compiles industry specific rankings and rankings for product design as well as for communication design.

For the individual rankings, please visit the links below:
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