Prof. Dr. Peter Zec on the manifestation of an idea
At the end of the Nivea press conference, the speakers answered the questions of international journalists
Yves Béhar
Professor Dr. Peter Zec
Initiator and CEO of the red dot

Webcast with Prof. Dr. Peter Zec in Hamburg: media event for the launch of the new Niveal design

In an online press conference, Beiersdorf AG presented the new packaging design of the brand Nivea to more than 100 international journalists. red dot CEO Professor Dr. Peter Zec and product designer Yves Béhar, who has been responsible for the new design, gave a lecture on the importance of emotional design for everyday products and its impact on the consumer. In addition, Ralph Gusko, Beiersdorf Executive Board Member Brands & Supply Chain, and Jenny Fleischer, Head of Global Design Management Beiersdorf, gave lectures on the design language and on the story behind the new Nivea design.

Since 1925, the round, blue Nivea tin is the brand’s face. Consumers associate it with trust, closeness and expertise. Based on the characteristic form, a new packaging design has been developed. Ralph Gusko, Executive Board Member for Brands & Supply Chain at Beiersdorf, on the process of development: “Our Nivea tin’s pure geometry makes it timeless and versatile. It ideally expresses the Nivea brand values and was and is the perfect source of inspiration for our new design“.

In close collaboration with the renowned product designer Yves Béhar, whose studio has been honoured in the red dot design award numerous times, a concept has been realised which perfectly combines the reputation as well as the innovation of the brand. “Unlike many other skin care brands, Nivea isn’t geared to a specific culture, gender or age group,” says Yves Béhar. “The new Nivea design reflects this versatility and appeals to people all over the world, irrespective of their age, gender, skin colour or skin type. It’s clean, transparent and emphasises skin care expertise with a human and emotional touch.”

In his lecture, Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of red dot, pointed out what makes up good design. The expert explained: “There is always a tension between tradition and innovation. But only the companies who really manage this kind of balance between the past and the present are really successful as a strong brand.“ He illustrated this with some examples which reflect the tension between evolution and revolution, between identity and differentiation as well as between evolution and revolution. Regarding the re-launch of the Nivea design, Prof. Zec finally said: “Of course, Nivea does the same. Good design keeps the balance between the past and the present. Coming finally to the design thinking: It is important to make the transfer of an image that has impact on product design, corporate design and packaging design – on the whole brand design”.