In July 2012, the seminar "Smart Materials for Design and Architecture" attracted designers from all over the world to the red dot design musem
Special exhibition "Moving Materials" in the red dot design museum in July 2012

PROUD paper on the added value of co-design

In our everyday life, we are always surrounded by design: regardless of whether it is the toothbrush you use day by day, a website on which you try to find some information or the infrastructure which surrounds you. Thereby, people put the most different demands on the market. Claims, which need to be satisfied by designers, architects and manufacturers alike. Dealing with peoples’ different perspectives and ideals is a challenge within the design process.

Only by understanding consumers’ needs, by seeing through their eyes and getting in touch with them, designers can find new solutions to problems. Everyone has the capacity to make an active meaningful contribution to society. Co-design is an approach that enables a wide range of people to have a creative contribution in the formulation and solution of a problem – by asking, listening and learning from non-designers in order to meet modern requirements. That’s how co-design increases the quality of products and services, allows for innovation and contributes actively and meaningful to society. Furthermore, it creates competitive advantages and contributes to economic growth as well as to a sustainable development.

To employ design as a driver for innovation, economic growth and sustainable development is the aim of PROUD (People Researchers Organisations Using Design for innovation and co-creation). In the last months, the project, which is supported by the EU, has realised various actions in order to introduce and apply design thinking in the public sector and businesses to innovate products, services and the environment. Now, the Proud paper was published which gives insights in the single projects of the partners. It also looks back on the seminar “Smart Materials for Design and Architecture” which was held in the red dot design museum in July 2012.

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