In serious pursuit of day dreams - the search for the best visions, prototypes and concepts of 2013 begins

The “red dot award: design concept 2013” has started and design teams, designers, inventors, students, teachers, research institutes, design departments, architects, engineers and anyone with a great design are called on to participate in the competition.

With 3,672 entries from 57 countries in the year 2012 alone, the award has grown to be of international significance for companies, studios, universities and designers alike. In the new round of the competition, creative minds are once again invited to submit their design concepts and prototypes for evaluation.

How will the products of the future address our changing needs? What kinds of new products are likely to emerge? The “red dot award: design concept 2013” will provide a barometer of what is about to come.

The process of extracting the most outstanding concepts out of all entries each year present the jury with interesting challenges. Not only must they consider the criteria of the award, such as aesthetic quality, ergonomics and manufacturing efficiency, yet the one concept must have something extra. The question for the jury will be to decide what would make an impact: should social responsibility be a factor? What about the trends of today and tomorrow? Can the concept be produced effectively with the design solution presented? Which concept will stand the test of time? All that is needed for your design concepts to change the world.

For works registered till 21 February, submission fees are discounted. The opportunity to present your latest research, concepts and prototypes is here.

red dot award: design concept 2013 - dates and facts

Submission dates:
Early: until 21 February 2013
Standard: 22 February to 17 April 2013
Late: 18 April to 19 June 2013 

Final Judging: July 2013
Award ceremony: October 2013
Exhibition of the winning design concepts: October 2013 to October 2014

For further information and to register, visit