The new president of the VDID Stefan Eckstein

Council of German Industrial Designers appoints Stefan Eckstein as new president

At the general meeting of the Verband Deutscher Industrie Designer (Council of German Industrial Designers) Stefan Eckstein has been elected new president. He accepts the office of Susanne Lengyel. Being the founder of Eckstein Design, Stefan Eckstein has a lot of expertise in the field of industrial design which he regularly proves in international competitions. In the “red dot award: product design 2012“, he has been awarded the red dot for the design of the universal adhesive “3M ESPE Scotchbond” as well as for the water softening system “IT 4000”.

To the members of the the Verband Deutscher Industrie Designer, Stefan Eckstein is known as Project Manager of the VDID Codex für Industriedesigner (VDID codex for industrial designers). In his new position, he still wants to discuss the key values of responsible design in public and in the professional environment. At the same time he announced that he wants to campaign for professional contents.

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