Peter Schreyer
President of Kia Motors Corporation

Peter Schreyer appointed first non-Korean President of Kia Motors Corporation

Celebrated red dot winner, former head of design at Audi and VW as well as Kia's chief designer – and now President of Kia Motors Corporation: the various stages of Peter Schreyer emphasise his distinctive design profile and the ability to provide an important impulse for the changing of a brand’s image. New ideas instead of eternal variation of the same thing – that is what drives a man like Schreyer and makes him so successful.

In 2006, Schreyer came to Kia Motors in order to create a design orientated product strategy for the brand. Under his leadership, the new Kia face has been developed which is characterised by its ”tiger nose“ – the radiator grille with the double trapezium structure. As a matter of fact, he is the first non-Korean who was appointed the President of Kia Motors Corporation. He still remains chief designer of the brand.

“I congratulate Peter Schreyer on his new appointment, which recognises the role he has played in ensuring that design was at the forefront of the remarkable success enjoyed by Kia in recent years,” commented Benny Oeyen, Vice President Marketing and Product Planning, Kia Motors Europe. “I look forward to continuing to work with Peter Schreyer as he directs the design-led growth strategy to bring the brand further success in the future.”

59-year-old Schreyer who studied in Munich, Germany and at the London Royal College of Art, has a special connection to red dot for years: Already in 1999, the former head of the Audi design team, was awarded the highest title within the red dot design award, the “red dot: design team of the year” for continuously innovative design work. As industrial designer, Peter Schreyer designed cult cars such as the VW New Beetle and the Audi TT and moreover, he is a successful writer and painter. In his book “Peter Schreyer – Inside Out“ (2012) he speaks about his exhibition and presents himself as a man with many facets.

Just recently, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the red dot, wrote an essay about the designer’s artistic life. In “Peter Schreyer – Inside Out“ Zec describes the automotive designer as follows: “No doubt, Peter Schreyer is a succesful designer because he repeatedly manages to express his internalised adventures, experiences, and emotions through his art. In this way, he becomes aware of them afresh time and again. He actively integrates them into his life and his imaginative creative process. Peter Schreyer is one of those visionaries of the international design scene. At some point, his own market in Europe became too small, so he left to an even bigger, in order to create even more spectacular products”.

Zec on Schreyer’s promotion: “I warmly congratulate Peter Schreyer on his success, being appointed as a designer and the first non-Korean to Kia's president.”