Red Dot Design Award and Doppio TV partnering up

As of January 2015, the German online TV channel Doppio TV will become an official media partner of the Red Dot Design Award. Doppio TV’s main focus is on upscale stories about: travel, lifestyle, culinary goods, cultural events, economy, sports, automotives and concentrates on the interests of an educated and sophisticated audience.

„Red Dot represents more than just a design competition. As design promoters, they spread the idea of design internationally and they highlight the importance of design for business and society. As trend experts, they present the latest developments in design. The accolade “Red Dot” is an internationally recognized quality label for excellent design. It offers many unique stories for our target audience. We are very excited that we can share on both of our platforms exclusive content of awards ceremonies, exhibitions and other events as the official media partner of Red Dot. Our established channel of distribution through social media platforms, and a television on-demand option enables us to reach a larger audience for our content,” explains Olaf Zachert, GM of Publishers Partners GmbH.

„The interesting and deciding factor of choosing Doppio TV is the constellation of a very experienced TV production team that stands behind an innovative format,” explains Achim Zolke, Head of Communications of the Red Dot Design Award. „As our media partner, Doppio TV is the ideal partner. Doppio TV, just as Red Dot, stands for creativity and quality, and even on the editorial side we believe in the same ideals. Lifestyle, selected products, as well as portraits of top-managers in the design and business world are formats we both acknowledge and will promote them in the future together.

Content from Doppio TV can be viewed online or over the European satellite Astra and/or on-demand via: www.doppio-tv.de

» Doppio TV portrait on Red Dot founder and CEO Prof. Dr. Peter Zec (German content)