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Emerging Paradigm: Design and Change

New Publication with the Results of the Essen EDF Congress 2003

Last may, the congress of the European Design Forum (EDF) took place at the red dot design museum under the motto "Emerging Paradigm: Design and Change. Inventing New Forms of Experience and Communication". Now, all of the contributions to this event are available in the publication of the same title, edited by Peter Zec and Vito Orazem.

The publication presents new positions in communication theory. Due to the changed production and design processes, the relationship between design and the way in which it is communicated changes, as well. 

Communication is no longer understood as a sender-recipient model but described with the metaphor "pursuing a joint cause". Set against this background, renowned authors deal with the subject. With essays by Vilim Vasata, Harry Rich, Brian Switzer, Francis Smets, Tönis Käo, Thomas Elser, Knut Maierhofer, Wilfried Korfmacher and Peter Zec.

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