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More than 350 years ago, Fiskars was founded in a small village in the south of Finland. Years of experience, research and knowledge led to Fiskars’ international breakthrough in 1967, when the orange-handled Classic scissors, now recognised internationally as a symbol for high-quality Fiskars products, was developed. Today our tools are widely used for cooking, gardening, crafting and camping, both by occasional and frequent users. And we are just as dedicated to quality as ever. A combination of innovation, continuous product development and extensive research in areas such as consumer ergonomics and material technology is the key to Fiskars’ success in all product categories.

Servo Lever Grass Shear, long, Design: Olavi Lindén/Markus Paloheimo, 2006

Awards: Formland Design Award 1988, 1990; ION Prize 1988; red dot design award 1990, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2000 (red dot: best of the best), 2001 (red dot: best of the best), 2002-2005; International Design Award 1991; Focus Way of Life 2002; Focus Know-how 2005 (Focus in Gold); iF product design award 1994, 1996-1999, 2001-2003; iF product design award 1994 (Top Ten of the Year); iF product design award 2002 (Silver Award); iF product design award 2003 (iF gold award); Pro Finnish Design 1994 (Honourable Mention), 1997 (Prize Winner); Fennia Prize 2003 (Honourable Mention), 2005 (Honourable Mention); Trophée de la Nouveauté 1996, 1999; Good Design, The Chicago Athenaeum, 1997-1999, 2002, 2005; European Design Prize 1997; INA Award 1998.

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