Many years of collaboration between the designers Christoph Runge and Prof. Dr. Norbert Hammer lead to the foundation of the hammer.runge design company in 1998 with offices in Neuss and Essen, Germany. The main fields of assignment are product, interface and Web design. The two founders deal with all designs “in person”; this guarantees that clients benefit from competent consultancy, saving them time. We understand design as the creative synthesis between technical feasibility, user-friendly ergonomics, market-focused economics and target group oriented aesthetics. For us, design is not product cosmetics but a continuous development process of close cooperation with our client. With a strong commitment to design we lead projects to results that inspire clients. hammer.runge is a member of the VDID.

Gyromat 3000 precision surveying gyroscope, DMT, 2006

References: ABES Stadtmobiliar, Ammann Straßenbaumaschinen, B.I. Elektronikequipment, Buehler Labortechnik, DMT Deutsche Montan Technologie, hhs Leimauftrags-Systeme, LKE Transportlogistik, MDS-Nordion Medizintechnik, Medion AG, Richter Chemietechnik, Roto Bauelemente.

Publications: “Never leave well enough alone”, Prof. Dr. Norbert Hammer, in: Peter Zec (Ed.): Who’s Who in Design Volume 2, Essen 2003. Furthermore, many lectures and publications on design both in Germany and abroad. | Außerdem zahlreiche Vorträge und designspezifische Publikationsbeiträge im In- und Ausland.

Awards: iF design award 1994; red dot design award 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001; Gravis Advertising Award 1997.

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