Antonio Bernardo

Antonio Bernardo is both a designer and a jeweller. He became familiar with the tools of the goldsmith from an early age in his fatherís store. Thirty years later and his name is now a brand. Antonio Bernardo involves himself in every step of the process of creating each piece of jewellery, and in doing so breaks the boundaries separating the designer from the craftsman. The nature of the metal itself, both pliable and resistant, guides his designs, giving birth to jewellery with light, sensual lines that match the body of the wearer. Antonio Bernardoís creations can be found in his seventeen stores in Brazil, located in the main cities of the country. His collection can also be found in jewellery stores in Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, England, Italy, USA, Hong Kong and Japan.

Percurso bracelet in 18k gold, 2000

Awards: Selo Rio com Design 1997; Brasil Faz Design 2004; red dot design award 2004; iF design award 2004-2006; iF design award 2004 (Silver Award); International Jewellery London 2004 (Jules Award Winner).

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