BenQ Corporation

Behind BenQ’s “Enjoyment Matters” philosophy exists a fast-paced and far-sighted global organisation. BenQ is one of the world’s top producers of digital displays, mobile phones and scanners, as well as a technology leader in digital projectors, storage devices, wireless technologies and electronic components. With 75 branch offices and over 20,000 employees worldwide, BenQ has established manufacturing and R&D facilities in key markets such as Taiwan and China. BenQ consists of three business groups and has gathered more than 160 international design awards in the past five years, cementing its reputation as one of the most creative companies in the world.

DC X610 digital camera, 2006 (red dot design award 2006)

References: “The Taiwan-
based BenQ made an LCD monitor that also breaks the mold. …” (BusinessWeek); “It’s the first Asian company outside of Japan to use design to vault to the first tier of global companies. …” (BusinessWeek); “Two leading design houses have made style and
innovation the distinctive features of their creations,” Roberto Cavalli commented during the Milan Fashion Week, 9/2005.

Awards: To date, BenQ has gathered more than 160 awards. red dot award: product design (17x); red dot award: communication
design (1x); red dot award: design concept (1x); iF product design award (35x); iF communication design award (1x); iF design award china (66x); Good Design Award, JIDPO (29x); IDEA (4x); CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards (6x); DFA Design for Asia Award (2x).

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