Enthoven Associates Design Consultants

Enthoven Associates has been serving European and global customers for almost 30 years. The multi-cultural team of designers have already developed more than 1500 products for various branches of industry, ranging from medical equipment to trams. Starting from product design and industrial design they offer a full range of services to assist clients in the innovation process. The main characteristics of the consultancy are:

a balance between emotional and rational values

strong concept development

added value through cross-fertilisation between
the multi-sector client base

a full-service philosophy

Jonckheere coach, VDL Jonckheere, 2005

References: Alstom Transport, American Standard, Arta Nova, Barco Digital Systems, Baxter, Bombardier Transportation, Bova, Brunati, Burgbad, Busnelli, Clear Channel Adshel, Coca Cola, Compin, DBP, De Sede, Frisk, Hyundai Motor Company, Ideal Standard, Interbrew, Jaguar Interiors, Kenwood, Kuwait Petroleum, Leolux, LG Electronics, LH-Bank, New Holland, Rausch, Recticel Bedding, Rwa Schlafsysteme, Samsonite, Schrder, Seating Concept Europe, Siemens Transport, SK Telecom, Thaiplastic, Tupperware, Unibind, Unilever, Vaillant, Valdichienti, VDL Jonckheere.

Awards: Coach of the Year, Belgium 1993; Gute Industrieform 1994-2000; Goed Industrieel Ontwerp, the Netherlands 1995; Design Prestige Prize, Design Centre of the Czech Republic, 2001; red dot design award 2001; Design Plus, Messe Frankfurt, 2001, 2003, 2005; Most Beautiful Bus, Busworld Kortrijk 2005.

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