Founded in Taipei in 2003, xrange is a multi-disciplinary design office whose primary focus is architecture and industrial design. Combining strategic consulting and creative services, the work of xrange encompasses architecture, space, products and concepts. From strategy to execution, xrange realises the core competencies of clients to create strong brand statements and visions. xrange is dedicated to innovative, interdisciplinary projects and concepts developed from the standpoint of urbanism and contemporary culture. Working on projects that extend from the smallest (–) to the largest (+) in scale, xrange consolidates aspects of business, technology, culture and design into a unique body of work with an Asian perspective.

Ipevo Xing conference system for Skype phone, PC home Online, 2006

References: A-DATA, Ambassador Hotels, Ipevo, Proton, Shihlin Development, Taipei Artist Village.

Publications: “Welcome to Chinatown”, Frame 3/2005; “Ipevo sets the tone for Skype phones”, MacWorld 2/2006; “What’s Cool Favorites. VoIP With Benefits”, Business 2.0 3/2006; “Hot Stuff”, Stuff 3/2006.

Awards: The Shaw Prize Trophy Int’l Design Competition 2003 (1st Prize); Engadget Awards 2005 (Peripheral of the Year); red dot design award 2006; iF product design award 2006; I.D. Annual Design Review 2006 (Honourable Mention); Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2007 (Nomination).

Exhibitions: “Urban Pattering”, “B.O.T. Nation: 2010: the build-operate-transfer of a nation brand”, “Rumors of Chinatown – 2004 Chinese Architecture Exhibition”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei 2004; “Carpel Tunnel, My Moleskine”, Hong Kong/Tokyo/Taipei/Singapore 2005; “Protect Me”, “Intermix: digital technology and int’l street art”, Taipei 2006.

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