Thomas Meyerhoffer

Always in search of ways to enhance the user experience, Thomas Meyerhoffer designs products in the areas of sports, technology and furniture. His early success as the designer of Apple’s eMate, the predecessor to the colourful Apple computer designs of the late 1990s, set the stage for his future career. Originally from Sweden, Thomas Meyerhoffer moved to California at the beginning of the 1990s, where he honed his craft at Apple. Since founding his own company in Montara, California, in 1999, he has completed many projects for various clients, including Cappellini, Scott and Sony Ericsson. In his recent works, he combines technology and forward-thinking ideas into sculptural, widely accessible designs. Most recently, Thomas Meyerhoffer has been applying his sensibility and innovation to his passion for surfing.

Progio Handheld-Computer, Progio Inc., 2006 (Photo: Mark Serr)

References: Black Diamond, Cappellini, Danese, Danger, Flow Snowboarding, Ministry of Mobile Affairs, NEC, Neil Pryde, Nike, Progio, Scott, Smith, Sony Ericsson, Vodafone.

Publications: The narrative, futuristic work of Thomas Meyerhoffer is featured in museums and books and is widely recognised around the world.

Awards: Cooper-Hewitt Triennial
2006; D&AD Global Awards; Good Design; I.D.
Annual Design Review; iF product design award; Industrial Design Excellence Awards; red dot design award; Wired Rave Awards.

Exhibitions: Beyond the Hype, Scandinavian Design, 2000; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2000 (Permanent Collection); Die Neue Sammlung, 2000; Future Design Days 2005; Blobjects & Beyond, 2005; Cooper-Hewitt Triennial 2006.

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