Fried Hoven Corporaid

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Fried Hoven served an apprenticeship in engraving and heraldic art in Aachen and Cologne, Germany, and studied design, educational theory, business administration, art theory and philosophy in Aachen and Essen. Since 1986, he has led his own design studio in Aachen and, since 1991, has worked as a graphic designer and design manager within an interdisciplinary network of communication specialists. Fried Hoven is a consultant and trainer who gives workshops and seminars in Europe, North America and Africa. As a member of several professional associations, he fulfils a variety of functions and publishes articles in trade journals. His main focus is on corporate identity and brand identity, integrated holistic corporate design and project naming based on his specially developed Corporaid system.

Not nicht, poster, Caritas Behindertenwerk, 2005

References: Aachen Münchener AG, Altenberg Zink, Aquana Euregio Freizeitbad, Belgisches Rundfunk- und Fernsehzentrum, BioPhysics, Brunata Metrona, Bund zur Förderung Sehbehinderter, Bundesministerium für Finanzen, Caritas Behindertenwerk, Casa & Vita, CBG Compuware Benutzer Gruppe, DER Deutsches Reisebüro, DERPART, Deutscher Designer Verband, EMI Electrola, Gesytec, Grünenthal, GTT Technologies, gypsilon software, Harpers Holzpack, Heym, Inside, Land Rover Deutschland, Lust for Life, Me Technology AG, Nativia, Nestlé AG and others.

Publications: Since 1991, articles in trade publications as well as documentation and profiles for professional associations and design centres.

Awards: Since 1991, national and international design awards, prizes and competition awards.

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